At Margo, two privileged interlocutors ensure our co-worker’s success.
Our staff receives a double form of support. The Human Resources team makes sure they have a progressive dynamic career. The business team ensures the well-being of our consultants and challenging aspects of their projects.
  • Career Our goal is to give to any Margo Consultants the means to have a dynamic career path. Therefore, from day one onwards, a Human Resources Team is there to help them build and complete their career plan with Margo.
  • Project Management The Business Manager is responsible for the smooth running of our Consultants’ projects with our clients. He makes sure they do not experience any specific difficulties and that they are working on challenging projects that are progressive. To achieve this, a quarterly project review is organised with both the Client and the Consultant. By having a regular feedback, we believe that progress can be best achieved.
  • Coaching At Margo, we encourage and valorize peer-to-peer sharing. Our staff can also benefit from coaching on technical or methodological issues. Thanks to mentoring, our expert Consultants easily share their knowledge to those Margo Consultants who are willing to perfect themselves and monitor technological development.

  • Samir’s Testimony, Manager at Margo « In July 2015, I started managing a team of 7 consultants. My HR Manager suggested this initiative and I found the opportunity very interesting: managing a team was an exciting challenge. My role is now to manage the consultants’ career depending on their profiles. Junior consultants tend to begin by working on support or programming positions before specializing after a two years experience. They then have different options and do not always know which one to choose. I am here to listen, advise and lead them to the direction that is the most similar to their profiles and ambitions. »

Why should large groups prepare themselves for "mutation" now?

In an ultra-fast, increasingly connected economy, where evolutions are constantly multiplying, large groups are preparing for internal and external changes. We offer here some concrete examples of the changes to explore.

25/06/2018 Discover 

Digital Women Day #ForABetterWorld

On Tuesday, April 17th 2018, the Margo HR team attended the French Digital Women Day (Journée de la Femme Digitale), thought up by Delphine Remy-Boutang. It was a great opportunity to meet inspiring, bold, innovative and creative women. On the agenda: CEOs, Senior Officials, intra and entrepreneurs, Heads of Communication, General Managers, Secretaries of State. Many profiles with various careers and one common goal: innovation for all and by all.

07/05/2018 Discover 

Keys to recruit IT specialists

Emilia Kabak-Wołk, HR Manager at Margo in Poland shares her day-to-day challenges to recruit rare profiles such as IT specialists, during an interview conducted by the Polish newspaper Rekruter.

03/05/2018 Discover 

These women who choose the Tech industry

For the International Women Day, Margo’s employees share their experience as women engineers working in tech.

08/03/2018 Discover 

Jakub, Quant developer specialized in Microsoft .Net for Margo Polska

My project is particularly interesting: working in quantitative finance for one of the leading global investment banks is an amazing opportunity.

Press release

Margo reveals its new strategic and brand positioning

Paris, February 12, 2018 - Margo, a French Consulting company created in 2005 and historically specialized in IT and in the Financial Markets, changes its business model in order to accompany new industries in their transformation plans. This is also the opportunity for Margo to reveal its new original brand identity, using a customizable logo.

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