Our managers

Discover our managers' journey

Margo’s managing team is involved on a daily basis with its collaborators and clients in defining a strategy to serve global performance, innovation and fulfillment. Through their experience, discover Margo’s corporate culture and the values we all share. .
Raphaël Le Lievre
Managing Director
Graduated from EPF Graduating School of Engineering, Raphaël Le Lièvre joined Margo in 2010 as a Business Manager. He blossomed within that fast growing company which cultivated the entrepreneurial spirit and quickly allowed him to make his mark. In 2013, he became Sales Director, developed Margo’s growth in France and successfully launched its internationalization by opening a subsidiary in Poland. In 2016, after 6 years working at key positions for the company, he was promoted to Managing Director. Raphaël is agile and has good teaching skills, he always shares his knowledge and helps his collaborators and clients on the road to success.
Cécile Campagne
Human Resources Director
After graduating from Sciences Po Paris, Cécile Campagne started her career within a leading company from the banking sector, as a Training Project Manager. With a passion for finding and managing talents, she chose to join a consulting firm, where the human holds a leading place. Hence, she joined the Human Resources team of Margo in 2010 and became, in 2015, Human Resources Director and a member of the board of directors.
Gilles Noël
Chief Financial Officer
Gilles Noël used to be a developer in the Financial Market sector. In 2010, he created a SaaS solution to help SMB and mid-caps to manage their organisation. After this entrepreneurial experience, short but enriching, he joined Margo in 2011 as Chief Operating Officer. He helped the sales team to win several key tenders and ensured the coordination of missions delivery. In 2015, he became Chief Financial Officer. A graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris and Cornell University, he is now developing his skills in corporate finance at HEC.
Olivier Hémar
#LaPiscine - StartUp Studio
Olivier Hémar started his career at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Over the course of 7 years, he supported companies from the tech industry and particularly teams in charge of auditing IBM.
In 2002, Olivier began to affirm his entrepreneurship spirit and achieved his first business plans. But it was in 2005 that his project materialized, when he co-founded Margo. As an experienced manager, Olivier daily encourages and supports his employees in their thoughts, needs and ideas. He is a true tech-lover and commits to making things change and implementing methodologies and tools in order to enhance his management style and stay agile.
Xavier Lagarrigue
#LaPiscine - StartUp Studio
Xavier Lagarrigue began his career in 1998 as a Business Engineer at Altran. He created and developed a consulting activity in the Financial Markets and managed a team of 10 Business Engineers and 200 consultants. Driven by this success, he decided to launch his own business in 2005. He co-founded Margo based on integrity, excellence and innovation values. This gamble was above all the way for Xavier to establish his own management approach, by having a Human Resources-centric organisation. A passionate speaker, Xavier gives speeches to companies and their employees to share his experience of entrepreneurship and vision of management and innovation.