Hackathon Tech For Good Margo 24h Hackathon in #LaPiscine from February 15th to February 16th
15/02/2019 18:00 au 16/02/2019 18:00

Hackathon Tech for Good

Margo offers you to support an association by participating in its solidarity Hackathon, co-organized with Latitudes and makesense


On february 15, 16th,  Margo, Latitudes and makesense invite you to a strong human and technological experience: participating during 24h in a Tech For Good Hackathon.

The idea? You and your teammates will have 24h to propose and implement a solution to answer technical challenges for one of our partner association:


You are Developer ? Data scientist ? UX Designer ? Student ?

Looking to get involved with an association ?

Striving to live a solidarity experience, meet new passionate peoples, up for a new personal challenge?

Register for this adventure !


Some practical information :

This Tech For Good Hackathon will host 30 participants, structured in team of 3 to 4 people (you can register as a team or individually, we’ll bring single people together to build team from the ground up). Teams must be composed of at least 2 people with software development skills to provide working solutions to the associations. Participants must come with their own machines.

The Hackathon will be hosted at #LaPiscine, from 6 pm Friday 15th to 6 pm Saturday 16th February, giving 24 h to develop a technical solution answering one of the partner association defined subject. We wish participants to live the human experience strongly, for that we encourage you to stay on site to work/sleep, of course if it fits you better you can go back home for the night. All meal are offered to participants. 

Event will end on Saturday by a presentation of each team solution, in front of a 6 persons jury. The jury will reward one team for each subject, so three teams in total.


Winning teams rewards :

Three teams will be rewarded following solution presentations to the jury: one team for each subject.

We’re happy to give each winner a gift card for a value of 200€.

Furthermore, all projects will be published as open source so that anyone interested can continue to contribute to associations. Margo shows its commitment by providing time for its employees involved in the Hackathon to work on developed projects.


Sorry, this event is over!

If you want to receive some information regarding this specific event or the future Hackathons we will organize, fill in the following form!


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About Latitudes

Latitudes is an association certain that technologies represent a powerful lever to multiply general interest structure impact. That’s why, it favors individual and organisation engagement through 2 programs:
+ Tech for Good Explorers : teaching program which offers colleges and universities in engineering and IT to sensitize and mobilize their students in concrete projects which cross technologies and general interest, through their academic program.
+ Tech for Good Enthusiasts : community assembling individuals and organisations willing to involve in using technologies for general interest through concrete actions.


About makesense

makesense  is an international community of citizens, entrepreneurs and organisations working together to solve social and environmental challenges. makesense is composed by a team of 70 people shared across 8 offices: Paris, Mexico, Dakar, Manila, Bayreuth, Lima, Delhi and Abidjan. makesense mobilizes today 80 000 citizens and 200 institutional partners and has already supported more than 3 200 projects.


About Margo

Margo is a Tech Native consulting firm accompanying companies in their digital transformation on highly technical complex projects. Its offers are organized around 4 expertises: Business Agility, High Performance IT, Data to Business and IT Modernization. By putting innovation at the heart of its model, Margo guides companies in their strategic choices and in the creation of new technologies, in order to gain a competitive advantage. Margo also benefits from the ecosystem of startups created by its founders thanks to the startup studio #LaPiscine. With more than 300 employees and €25,6 million of revenue in 2017, Margo constantly grew since its creation and established in France, in Poland, and in the United Kingdom.


This Hackathon is taking place in Paris: all participants must be in Paris for the event.


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