Data Engineer

Data - Python
London, Permanent Contract

Margo is looking for a new data science enthusiast to join its team in the UK. You are part of a branch of about fifteen people and work with one of our prestigious client (Hedge Fund or Investment Bank). Your mission? Helping traders to develop new trading algorithms based on non-financial data.

Your key responsibilities
You join the Front-office, pre-trade or risk department of a londonian Hedge Fund or Investment Bank to share the daily work of traders and build with them new strategic models. You do not focus on traditional financial data but collect, treat and modelize data from multiple sources that could possibility impact the financial markets: satellite images, political news, tweets,...

You work closely from traders in order to understand and challenge their needs and then propose the most appropriate solutions corresponding to their issues:

  • What data to collect and how?

  • How to treat data so that it becomes understandable and usable?

  • How to adapt it as input to the strategic model identified by the trading teams?

  • How to handle large volumes of data in an optimal time?

  • How to challenge models to improve them permanently?


Your other activities
As a Margo team member, you become an actor of our transformation and are invited to get involved in the company life at different levels: make yourself recognised as an expert by writing technical articles for our blog and for specialised press, represent Margo during school events, conferences and Meetups, recruit your future co-workers by proposing cooptations,...

Your skills and qualifications

  • you are graduated from an Engineering School at a Master level

  • you have strong Python development skills and are familiar with object-oriented programming

  • you are fluent in English

  • you are willing to involve yourself in the growth of a human-sized Tech Native company, where innovation and entrepreneurship are an integral part of organizational culture

We are looking for several profiles and are open to all level of experience: from an end-of-studies intern to an already experienced Data Engineer.

What you will love about Margo
By joining Margo, you enter a community of 300 coworkers passionate about new technologies, in which you can train and share to quickly develop skills in your areas of predilection. By working for our London office, you will be part of a fifteen members team and benefit from attractive advantages (health care, pension, bonuses) and from a privileged working environment.


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