Market Access Developer

London, Permanent Contract

A vibrant Hedge Fund is looking for a Senior Developer and distributed systems expert with vast amount of experience in Electronic Trading Development.

Key responsibilities
You will be a key member of the development team building and improving Low Latency algorithmic trading strategies for the companies Systematic Market Making Group

You will cover all aspects of the algorithmic trading strategy, including the exchange price feeds, financial indicators, market making algorithms, backtesting engine, tick data management, exchange simulators and trading gateways, as well as support of the production environment and the processes surrounding it. The strategies are deployed worldwide on all major equities and futures exchange where the Hege Fund is a market maker and thus require a solid background in distributed system architecture and development

You will work closely with a range of investment banking professionals including quantitative analysts/developers, traders and operations staff, in order to design and develop ground breaking systems to keep the business at the forefront of its field. There will be opportunities to contribute to Quantitative research area as well, although this is not the core focus of the role

You should have a Computer Science degree or equivalent, and possess in depth knowledge and experience of developing in C and C# and be happy to work in any language. A solid background in Linux/cC low latency optimizations is a requirement. A background in Linux kernel, FPGA and Network card offloading will also be advantageous.

You are an expert on low latency Linux development using C/C , STL, Boost
You have experience designing and implementing multithreaded and distributed systems
You possess 10 years of experience of front-office trading desk-aligned role is needed
Deep knowledge of C# to develop Windows based monitoring tools
You have deep knowledge of distributed network architecture
Good knowledge of making-making/liquidity provision and algorithmic trading
Good Knowledge of Equities and Futures asset classes is helpful
You should be familiar with low level optimisation techniques on x86/64 platform
You are familiar with Linux/GCC development toolchain and Linux Red Hat distribution
Knowledge of market data feed handlers and execution gateways is helpful

What you will love about Margo
Ability to work within an international Consulting company, a leader within the industry in France
Ambitious projects in Financial Services
Permanent or Contractor
Competitive benefits; Health care, pension, bonuses
Opportunities for development (planning career paths, trainings, switch between projects, including changes of position, opportunities to engage in additional activities)
Very good atmosphere of work, integration events


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