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Margo reveals its new strategic and brand positioning

Margo Consulting becomes Margo


Paris, February 12, 2018 – Margo, a French Consulting company created in 2005 and historically specialized in IT and in the Financial Markets, changes its business model in order to accompany new industries in their transformation plans. This is also the opportunity for Margo to reveal its new original brand identity, using a customizable logo.

Created in 2005, Margo Conseil is a leading company in the Financial Markets industry. It has more than 300 employees and registers €25.6 million of revenue. For 12 years, Margo Conseil has accompanied major actors of the Financial Markets in the development of high performing technologies, in France, in Poland and in the United Kingdom.


New offers to accompany new business sectors in their transformation challenges

Margo now wants to deal with new industries concerned by digital transformation and for whom Tech is becoming a competitive advantage. That’s why Margo has enriched its services by creating a new offer focused on Business Agility, helping its clients to implement favourable conditions for a global transformation, at every level of the company: Management, Business and IT.

Margo teams also support their clients on key projects with high technical challenges: High Performance IT, Data to Business, IT Modernization.

Its mission: Designing IT competitive advantage. It’s not about simply realizing IT projects but creating the technology that will become a competitive advantage.

“When we created Margo Conseil, we chose to specialize in the Financial Markets, because it was an industry which early adopted and placed IT at the heart of its business model. In 2018, we are changing our model to offer our consultants ever more challenging careers, and to seize new growth opportunities by helping the companies for whom IT is becoming essential.” explains Xavier Lagarrigue, co-founder of Margo and of the startup studio #LaPiscine.  

A new brand identity with a customizable logotype through a web application.

In order to support its new position, Margo Conseil, now named Margo, developed a new brand: new logo, new tagline (Tech Native), new colors, new ambitions.

The design agency Les Semeurs created a new visual identity with two inseparable concepts: solidity and liberty. It is worth noting that it includes a “lively” logotype, which is customizable by Margo’s employees!

“This new logo goes further than a classic brand identity. It’s unprecedented in the market. By allowing our employees to appropriate Margo’s logo, we create a new proximity with the brand. And it’s just the beginning! Our new website focuses on rich content, regularly updated.” adds Laura Audinot, Marketing and Communication Director at Margo.

High Performance IT

What is an agile company?

Agility has been the subject of numerous theories, publications and conferences for several years. The concept was historically created during a gathering of software development experts in 2001. They explain the ins and outs of what we know as « agile » through a founding document called the “agile manifesto“, which encompasses 4 values and 12 principles. At the time, it was mainly a solution proposed by developers to manufacture a software in the most efficient way while guaranteeing its adequacy with the needs of the customer. 17 years later, things have changed, and the agile manifesto provides only part of the answers to bring out a new product or service with what specialists call a good time-to-market and a good product market fit in the digital age.

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