Pierre’s testimony, Digital Offering & Business Transformation Officer at Margo

Thanks to his solid experience in Consulting, Pierre is now a key actor in Margo’s strategy

In a  24-year career, I had the opportunity to work in major projects for a wide range of market players. I started my career by founding my own company abroad dealing with both the construction and the IT industries. After this experience, I joined Capgemini as a Senior Business Architect for the Financial markets, and then, Octo Technology as an Account Executive for BNP Paribas.

I chose to join Margo to share my experience and lead the transformation of the company and the redefinition of its offers in the area of Digital and Consulting.     



Why did you choose Margo?

Margo has a strong human capital. Beyond the quality of its employees’ skills, unanimously recognised by its clients, the quality of the exchanges I had with the managing team and their will to move forward with measured risks convinced me to take up the transformation of their business model.


In  your view, what are Margo’s daily values?

Without any doubt, boldness, measured risk taking and trust in the teams.


If you had to choose only one word to define Margo, which one would it be and why?

Kairos. It’s a greek concept allowing the situating of events in time dimensions. It’s represented by the winged god of opportunity. It’s the right moment for Margo to pass a milestone and to seize the digital opportunity to be transformed.  


For you, how do consulting firms need to change their model to avoid being disrupted?  

The goal of a company is to serve the needs of its clients. It means they have to be listening to them and to understand the difficulties they meet in order to offer them relevant solutions.

For consulting firms, it’s more than that. They have to be able to innovate, to continuously test new ideas, to imagine with and for their clients new usages, while taking into account technological advances. In other words, they need to be able to propose new offers on the market to accompany the business model transformation of their clients. They should not rest on their laurels, because nothing is ever owned.


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