Samir, an experienced manager

Read the story of Samir, Finance Consultant and Manager at Margo

With a MIAGE Master’s from IAE Paris, I have over 10 years’ experience in IT. Very early in my studies, I began in development and support in the City of Paris IT department, where I stayed for 5 years. After graduating, I joined Société Générale. I worked in the investment bank’s Risks IT department. My role was to maintain the existing applications, plan the new functions requested by users, write various documents (functional and training) and provide level 2 and 3 support. I then had the opportunity to go abroad and join the start-up Canadian publisher of MEI, a CRM package. This experience was very rewarding, particularly due to the dynamism at the company and projects managed in Agile mode, but I still had a longing for work in the finance market field. So, after 2 years in Canada, I came back to work at Natixis as a Business Analyst for 3 years during the implementation of a stress test scenario verification tool for the bank’s various activities (Equities, Fixed Income and Commodities). At the end of that mission, I decided to join Margo to work on more challenging projects.


Why did you choose to work for Margo?

I had already had some interest from the top Finance Market services providers, but Margo was the one that offered the best career plan and with which I established a trusting relationship right from the word go. Plus, the fact that I can chose my mission was a real differentiator! That’s how I started at NewEdge on a challenging scaling and audit project to replace an existing package. At the end of 2017, I had the chance to change mission to work on regulatory issues involving a re-work of the architecture of pre-trade processes at BNP.


How does Margo support your career management and personal development?

Thanks to Margo, I have the chance to work on highly critical projects that are both a technical and business challenge for me. Regularly changing missions lets us develop and explore new problems to continue to learn. I am often able to share my experience with my peers at in-house events at Margo (either as leader or attendee). Also, Margo has given me the chance to become a Trainer and Manager to support and manage various profiles, which in itself is greatly rewarding.


How did you come to be a manager?

I became the manager of a team of seven consultants in July 2015. This arose from a proposal from my HR manager and I thought the offer was very interesting: I was enthused by the challenge of team management. My role was now one of managing the career of the consultants in accordance with their profiles. Often, junior consultants start in support or development jobs and specialise after two years: then there are different paths to choose from and the consultant doesn’t always know how they would like to develop. I am there to listen, advise and steer them towards the path that I think is most suited to each person’s profile and aspirations.


What would you say are the day-to-day values promoted by Margo?

For me, the Margo spirit means, especially, the freedom to act and to make the choices that allow us to succeed and develop.


If you had to sum up Margo in one word, what would it be and why?

“Dynamism” because the staff are young, the organisation is effective (no unfathomable hierarchy) and, in fact, a collective momentum is easier to achieve.


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My project is particularly interesting: working in quantitative finance for one of the leading global investment banks is an amazing opportunity.


Rémi, Microsoft Addict

Many friends told me about their respective companies, but Margo seemed to have the highest standards, across its recruitment process and missions.


Christophe, DockerMan

Margo was able to offer me interesting missions with transparent relationships with the clients. I felt in a bond of trust right away.