Understanding Blockchain technology

Is Blockchain a new industrial revolution?

By Sébastien Bourguignon Principal & Lead Digital Influencer @sebbourguignon


Discover a series of articles written by Sébastien Bourguignon and published in the French newspaper Les Echos Solutions to know everything about Blockchain! A short history of Blockchain, How it works, ICO, the new way to fundraise for startups, Ethereum and smart contracts and Differences between public and private Blockchains. Through these 5 articles, discover what’s really behind the buzzword everyone is talking about.

Part I : A short history of Blockchain

For a few months now, no matter what business sector you speak about: Banking, Finance, Insurance, Energy, Retail, Music, everyone is talking about a new technology. Blockchain, even named « the trust machine » by The Economist, is spoken of as a new industrial revolution, promising a future, totally decentralized internet. It’s presented as the technology able to uberize Uber! But to understand Blockchain, you first need to talk about Bitcoin, the first implementation of this technology. Read the article (in French)

Part II : Blockchain, how it works

As we have seen before, Blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin, or at least, Bitcoin is its first implementation. Today, there are other implementations of this technology. Therefore, we should talk about blockchains instead of blockchain. Like every new technology, each blockchain has its own principles and specificities. Read the article (in French)

Part III – Blockchain and ICO, the new way to fundraise for start-ups

Since the beginning of 2017, more than 2 billion dollars have been raised thanks to blockchain, mainly through Ethereum. Some new fundraising records have contributed to the promotion this new kind of fundraising. After explaining how Blockchain and Bitcoin work, we focus on the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) revolution for startups.

FileCoin, a startup developing a solution in cloud storage about blockchain, raised more than 250 million dollars in cryptocurrency. Another example: Brave, a company implementing a new web browser based on Chromium (the Google open source project), raised 35 million dollars in less than 30 seconds. Read the article (in French)

Part IV : Ethereum and smart contracts

There are different blockchains and Bitcoin is the major one. However, there is a second well-known blockchain for monetization: Ethereum, its token is Ether. It has the same characteristics as Bitcoin with two main added functionalities.  It gives the ability to develop decentralized programs – smart contracts – and to store more data. Read the article (in French).

Part V : What is the difference between private and public Blockchains ?

Previously, we mentioned public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. But another kind of blockchain exists , only accessible by identified and authorized members from the network and which can be used with a central review body. In this latter case, we don’t talk about blockchain anymore but about DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). So what are the main differences between public and private blockchains? How to choose between these two options? Read the article (in French)


By Sébastien Bourguignon Principal & Lead Digital Influencer @sebbourguignon
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Tunisia Digital Summit 2018: key points

Last week, Margo was invited to participate in the Tunisia Digital Summit 2018. This is the second year of this major North African event, held in the centre of Tunis, at the recently re-furbished Laico Hotel. Two days of talks were held on the topics of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, social media and blockchain. Over 40 Tunisians and international speakers attended, as did around twenty local start-ups to show their solutions and provide a specific focus on the major disruptions that digital is causing for companies. Here are some notes on the main topics to draw our attention at this two-day event.

03/04/2018 Discover 

Rémi, Microsoft Addict

Many friends told me about their respective companies, but Margo seemed to have the highest standards, across its recruitment process and missions.


Christophe, DockerMan

Margo was able to offer me interesting missions with transparent relationships with the clients. I felt in a bond of trust right away.


No KID, no Deal !

The project to regulate packaged retail investment and insurance products (PRIIPs) started in 2012. With good reason: they are at the core of the retail investment market and represent 10 trillion euros in Europe.

24/01/2018 Discover 

Samir, an experienced manager

For me, the Margo spirit means, especially, the freedom to act and to make the choices that allow us to succeed and develop.


Amira, Manager and Agile Coach

To sum up Margo in a word, I would say 'innovation'. We aren't happy just doing what we already know how to do. We always try to find and put new ideas into place. One example is the transformation currently taking place at Margo.