Business Agility

Implementing new work organization and management methods to innovate

New disruptions and accelerations are shaking the traditional market. Companies have to change their organization and way of working at every level in order to face their competitive environment. Margo helps you to implement the management tools and methodologies you need to innovate.

Your challenges
A key challenge
Undergoing an agile transformation is firstly discovering agile methodologies (its values, principles and philosophy). This implies implementing a new organisation, with new habits and new tools. Companies have to learn how to adapt. Changing the way we present projects and we manage human resources is now a priority. It will then allow the identification of new opportunities to deal with the evolution of the market.
Our answer
Transforming firms by aligning all corporate stakeholders
We have a human-centric progressive process, organized in three steps:

• We observe your habits to understand how you currently work
• We adapt your organization to progress by taking into account the changing roles and responsibilities
• We develop competences in a pragmatic and progressive way by supporting your teams in the management change.
Our added-value
An experienced team
Our experience is a great indicator of our results. Our clients are satisfied, their projects quickly yield returns, the programming teams are enthusiastic. In a general way, we observe a great serenity because success doesn’t occur by serendipity: success is the norm.

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Our experience is a great indicator of our results. Our clients are satisfied, their projects quickly yield returns, the programming teams are enthusiastic.
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Margo signs a strategic partnership with XSCALE Alliance

Margo, a consulting firm specialized in the digital transformation of organizations on highly technical complex projects, is the first French company to become a partner of the Agile community XSCALE Alliance. This partnership reinforces Margo’s value proposition on its Business Agility offer and demonstrates its willingness to accompany its clients in their large scale organizational transformation.

15/05/2018 Discover 

Amira, Manager and Agile Coach

To sum up Margo in a word, I would say 'innovation'. We aren't happy just doing what we already know how to do. We always try to find and put new ideas into place. One example is the transformation currently taking place at Margo.


Digital Women Day #ForABetterWorld

On Tuesday, April 17th 2018, the Margo HR team attended the French Digital Women Day (Journée de la Femme Digitale), thought up by Delphine Remy-Boutang. It was a great opportunity to meet inspiring, bold, innovative and creative women. On the agenda: CEOs, Senior Officials, intra and entrepreneurs, Heads of Communication, General Managers, Secretaries of State. Many profiles with various careers and one common goal: innovation for all and by all.

07/05/2018 Discover 

Interview: Incident Management

Ichraf is Team Leader and works directly with the client. Gilles is Chief Operating Officer at Margo. They share their experience about working on Incident and Problem Management issues.

21/03/2014 Discover 

Pierre’s testimony, Digital Offering & Business Transformation Officer at Margo

Margo has a strong human capital. Beyond the quality of its employees’ skills, unanimously recognized by its clients, the quality of the exchanges I had with the managing team and their will to move forward with measured risks convinced me to take up the transformation of their business model.

Press release

Margo reveals its new strategic and brand positioning

Paris, February 12, 2018 - Margo, a French Consulting company created in 2005 and historically specialized in IT and in the Financial Markets, changes its business model in order to accompany new industries in their transformation plans. This is also the opportunity for Margo to reveal its new original brand identity, using a customizable logo.

12/02/2018 Discover