Data to Business

Making data your growth driver

Margo helps you to transform your data into a growth driver. By becoming a data driven company, with omnipresent and available data, you are able to made the best business decisions and then, to gain a competitive advantage.

Your challenges
Going in the right direction to create value from data
Thanks to data analysis, you can manage and create new customer behaviors and business models. Companies now use data as a concrete value creator. Many of them are already leading interesting data projects (Data Lab, Data Sciences, Machine Learning, Deep Learning).

Data affects all industries and businesses. But data projects are too often focused on technologies and not enough on the use cases.
Our answer
A phased approach based on experimentation
We accompany you through four complementary steps covering the whole data processing chain:
• we identify the use cases by defining with both the IT and the business teams a common model generating ROI
• we support your teams while they are upgrading their skills in data science and technical solution architecture
• we implement an organization based on a Data Lab led by a community of ad-hoc practices
• we realize and industrialize your data projects at the company scale
Our added-value
We are leaders of a precursor sector in the valorization of data on a large scale: the Financial Markets. Historically we collect the relevant data, develop models and controllers that are direct revenue drivers.

With our innovative approach, we can prove the value of a business use case in only 10 weeks: 2 days to identify the use case, 2 weeks to frame it and 2 months to implement it.

GO WORK Together: do you have a data project and don’t know how to drive revenue from your data? Contact us!
With our innovative approach, we can prove the value of a business use case in only 10 weeks
years of expertise in Data
weeks to prove value
key partners in the market

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Lamport clocks and the pattern of the Idempotent Producer (Kafka)

Do you know the Lamport clocks? Devoxx France 2018 was the opportunity, during the very interesting talk of DuyHai DOAN , to discover or rediscover this algorithm formalized by Leslie Lamport in 1978, more than ever used today in the field of distributed systems, and which would have inspired the Kafka developers in the implementation of the pattern of Idempotent Producer .

23/05/2018 Discover 

Exploring Google Cloud Platform

Google offers about 50 different products in its Cloud solution, from storage and computing infrastructure to Machine Learning, including massive data analysis and transformation tools. These solutions are mainly quick to set up (around 10 minutes or less) and cheap compared to standard on premise softwares.

06/03/2018 Discover 

Establishment of a centralised log management platform with the Elastic suite

The volume of data generated by our systems and applications continues to grow, resulting in the proliferation of data centers and data storage systems.  In the face of this data explosion and the investment in skills and resources, decision-makers need sophisticated analysis and sophisticated dashboards to help them manage their systems and customers.

14/05/2018 Discover 
Press release

Margo reveals its new strategic and brand positioning

Paris, February 12, 2018 - Margo, a French Consulting company created in 2005 and historically specialized in IT and in the Financial Markets, changes its business model in order to accompany new industries in their transformation plans. This is also the opportunity for Margo to reveal its new original brand identity, using a customizable logo.

12/02/2018 Discover 

A brief introduction to Chatbots with Dialogflow

Nowadays, I'm working on a Chatbot project with Google Dialogflow. In this article, I will present some notions about Dialogflow and Chatbots. Then, I will talk about how to create a simple Chatbot with Dialogflow Platform.

07/05/2018 Discover 

Introduction to Reactive Systems

Margo Consultants participated in  Devoxx France 2018 , the conference for Passionate Developers, organized from April 18 to 20, 2018 in Paris. Discover a synthesis on reactive systems illustrated by a concrete use case.

11/05/2018 Discover