IT Modernization

Modernizing IT to gain in agility and competitiveness

Digitalization is a key challenge for companies’ durability. IT System Departments have to be responsive to follow evolutions and new uses. Margo accompanies your IT Modernization so you can reduce your costs, optimize your investments, make your IT System Department more agile and open to process digitalization.

Your challenges
As we enter an IT as a service trend
IT Departments have to go beyond the obsolescence of their systems in order to quickly respond to the numerous business demands they face.
Today, companies often undertake the IT modernization too late by running long, heavy, costly, and risky projects.
Our answer
Proven successful methodologies and tools
Margo helps you to modernize your IT:
• Application Lifecycle Management: we take the necessary time to analyse your current software and identify our rationalization and modernization options
• Industrial and agile modernization projects: we use CodeCase software, our own tool, to speed up the modernization process in an iterative way.
Our added value
Our teams are expert in IT Modernization projects
Margo counts numerous key references in France and abroad.
In order to modernize IT Departments, we created CodeCase software. This tool allows us to automate 70% of language migration projects and to handle refactoring projects.

GO WORK Together: Do you have an IT modernization project or a cost-reducing problem? Contact our teams!
Controlled and secure projects in terms of quality, time and cost.
CodeCase Software projects
migrated lines of code per day
per line of code instead of €17

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