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Making IT more agile and more competitive

Digitalization is a key challenge for companies’ durability. IT System Departments have to be responsive to follow evolutions and new uses. Margo accompanies your projects of master plans, architecture framing, urbanization and IT modernization to help you take up the challenge of the digitalization of your processes. A more agile and open IT System will allow you to reduce your costs and optimize your investments.

Your challenges
As we enter an ‘IT as a service’ trend, IT System Departments need to focus on value creation
IT Departments have to go beyond the obsolescence of their systems in order to quickly respond to the numerous business demands they face.

Today, companies often undertake the IT modernization too late by running long, heavy, costly, and risky projects. Making business and IT teams work together, taking advantage of technological progress and improving productivity and product quality are the keys to make IT System Departments able to find quick and efficient answers to business and users’ needs.
Our answer
Proven successful methodologies and tools
Margo accompanies you in the transformation and the optimization of your IT System on an operational, technological and organizational continuum:

    Aligning business and IT teams to focus on delivering value and ROI: realization of master plans, optimization of application portfolios, sourcing strategy, program assessment.

    Improving the organization performance through IT and its capacities to deliver better business results: training and sensibilisation on development best practices, realization of operating models, IT Systems management, audit and process improvement.

    Defining the company's architecture targets in a pragmatic, value-focused way and formalizing the trajectory to get there - this requires understanding the current business, applications and infrastructure and designing the target architecture according to the implementation roadmap: project or architecture framing, master plans, rationalization of applications or project portfolios.

    Modernizing IT to create value and improve the performance of the IT Systems in terms of their components and stakeholders: application modernization (revision, technical migration, decommissioning, software integration). We run industrial and agile modernization projects with our own tool (CodeCase Software) in order to speed up the process of technological modernization in an iterative approach.

Our added value
Our teams are expert in IT Systems transformation projects
Margo counts numerous key references in France and abroad on both IT Systems and application portfolios. In order to modernize IT Departments, we created CodeCase Software. This tool allows us to automate 70% of language migration projects and to handle refactoring projects.

Do you have an IT modernization project or a cost-reduction problem? Contact our teams!
Controlled and secure projects in terms of quality, time and cost.
CodeCase Software projects
migrated lines of code per day
per line of code instead of €17

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These women who choose the Tech industry

For the International Women Day, Margo’s employees share their experience as women engineers working in tech.

08/03/2018 Discover 

Rémi, Microsoft Addict

Many friends told me about their respective companies, but Margo seemed to have the highest standards, across its recruitment process and missions.


Jakub, Quant developer specialized in Microsoft .Net for Margo Polska

My project is particularly interesting: working in quantitative finance for one of the leading global investment banks is an amazing opportunity.


Juliette, passionate coder

I have always been passionate about tech, that’s why CodeCase Software project convinced me right away: we really enter inside the code to understand its meaning.


Margo is in the TOP 500 of the most dynamic companies in France

On Friday, February 9th, the French financial newspaper Les Echos published its new ranking of the 500 Growth Champions in France. Once again, Margo is part of it.

09/02/2018 Discover 
Press release

Margo reveals its new strategic and brand positioning

Paris, February 12, 2018 - Margo, a French Consulting company created in 2005 and historically specialized in IT and in the Financial Markets, changes its business model in order to accompany new industries in their transformation plans. This is also the opportunity for Margo to reveal its new original brand identity, using a customizable logo.

12/02/2018 Discover