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Alex, Python Developer at Margo UK

Alex joined Margo UK in April 2020. Discover his testimonial to better understand how it looks like to work as a Python Developer at Margo!


Florent, Front Office Support at Margo UK

Florent has been a Software Engineer at Margo UK since January 2019. He is based in London, where he works with BNP Paribas CIB in a Front Office Support role. Read about his experience at Margo.


Kubernetes and container security

In this article we will focus on Kubernetes security and containers. More specifically on what kind of solution leading hedge companies are using today to face container security issues and open source tools they rely on. What are the technical best practices to avoid security vulnerabilities on container? What kind of open source tools can be used to detect vulnerabilities? 

12/09/2019 Discover 

Tutorial - Artificial Intelligence: from prototype to deployment

In this article we present a practical case study for building an AI model and deploying it in a mobile application, all in less than an hour.

02/05/2019 Discover 
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