7 février 2024


We are delighted to announce the signing of a new partnership between ActiveViam and MARGO! This collaboration is in line with our constant quest for progress and our desire to surround ourselves with ambitious and visionary partners. This strategic alliance opens new prospects for our clients, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and performance optimization.

Data and real-time insights for effective decision making.

ActiveViam specializes in software solutions for real-time data analysis, performance management and decision-making. Its platform, Atoti, analyses financial and operational data to help companies optimize their performance.

The ability to make informed decisions in real time is crucial to stay competitive. With this new partnership, MARGO’s consultants will be able to effectively integrate and deploy ActiveViam's Atoti solution within our clients’ operations, optimizing their agility, responsiveness, and overall performance. Because Atoti meets a wide range of challenges and requirements, our consultants can provide customized solutions that specifically meet our clients’ needs.

We thank ActiveViam for their trust. This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration for our consultants and clients, propelling them even further towards excellence and success.

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Founded by a group of industry experts, ActiveViam provides powerful data analytics trusted by the world’s top financial institutions across trading desks, risk, and compliance. ActiveViam pioneered the use of high-performance analytics in finance, helping the largest investment banks, asset managers and hedge funds make better decisions, explain results with confidence, and simulate the impact of their decisions.

ActiveViam’s mission is to deliver train-of-thought analysis on terabytes of data in the most cost-effective way so customers can explain their results with confidence and model scenarios that will optimize their business. ActiveViam specializes in risk data analytics for one of the fastest moving and most regulated industries with a presence in the world’s leading financial marketplaces: London, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris and Frankfurt.



As a longstanding expert in market finance, MARGO Group supports companies in all business sectors with their digital transformation projects and complex tech issues in France, the UK, and Polska. With expertise in data, business development, and DevOps clouds, MARGO Group is more than an IT consulting group. It is an alchemy of talents whose expertise is constantly enriched through technical challenges, multidisciplinarity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.