In accordance with current regulations, we hereby inform you that Margo's score on the Professional Equality Index for 2022 is 71 points out of 100.

How is this index calculated?

Based on 4 key indicators :

1) Pay gap : 36/40
> What does this mean? At Margo, women and men are paid regardless of gender, age or professional class. In 2022, the 36/40 score is explained by a pay gap in favour of women.

2) Increase differential : 25/35
> What does this mean? At Margo, women and men are given a raise regardless of gender, age, or professional class. In fact, in 2022, Margo's female employees performed particularly well, which explains why there was an increase differential in favour of women.

3) Increase for employees on maternity leave or returning from maternity leave: 0/15
> What does this mean? At Margo, all employees received a raise during or on their return from maternity leave. However, we have identified one case where the increase was less than the legal limit, which automatically results in a score of 0 for this indicator.

4) Ten highest earners: 10/10 > What does this mean? Women and men are equally represented among the highest-paid employees.

What are our corrective measures and progress targets ?

The main indicator to be improved concerns the increase in the number of employees on or returning from maternity leave. On this point, the company is going to carry out better payroll monitoring in terms of :
the timing of increases over the reference period of the indicator, given that salary reviews do not take place on the same dates depending on the professional category to which the employee belongs (anniversary date of the contract or 1st January), and the number of increases to be withheld during or on return from maternity leave. With regard to the indicator concerning the pay rise gap, the company remains committed to increasing the pay of its employees regardless of gender, age or professional class. Nevertheless, this gap will be better taken into account in these follow-up increases.

Lastly, with regard to the indicator on pay differentials, the company also wishes to pursue its logic of paying its employees without distinction as to gender, age or professional class. However, this pay gap will be better taken into account when implementing its salary policy.